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Updates on SupportBee and thoughts from the team

Understanding the design process behind our Customer Satisfaction Ratings feature

A design process is important because it creates a common vocabulary and structure for the exploration and refinement of ideas, resulting ...

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Important update to email notifications

Email notifications is one of...

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New Feature: Improve Customer Experience with Customer Satisfaction Ratings

The Customer Satisfaction Ratings feature has been one of the most requested, in SupportBee, in the recent times. It is incredibly important for support agents and business owners, who set up the support processes, to know if their hard work is making any difference to their customers’ overall experience. With this new feature, you can no...

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Introducing Collaborators!

At SupportBee, we are big believers in the idea of collaborative customer support. In our own team, everyone participates in customer support, including our developers. Every time a new person joins the...

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How we use the SupportBee + Github integration to track our bugs and issues

Bugs are the inevitable reality of any evolving software product. A small chunk of the support requests we receive fall into the category of ‘Bugs and Issues’. If the support volume is small and if support is handled by the developers of the product, these bugs could probably be solved by those developers as and when they are reported. However, when volumes are large or when a non-developer is handling the front...

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Download our iOS app - available for both iPhone and iPad

Last month we announced our Android App and pro...

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