Upcoming Pricing Changes - Here's What's Changing & Why

Last year, when we rolled out our pricing and started charging customers, we wanted to validate an assumption - we have built something useful that people would actually pay for. We also knew that pricing by logins for a support software is nuts. It discourages collaboration and beats the purpose of using a software in the first place. Other than this, we knew very little about pricing SupportBee.

We haven't experimented much with our pricing since our launch. Instead, we kept our focus on the product and we launched several new features and workflow improvements this year. When we launched our pricing last year, our biggest bet was offering unlimited agents on every plan and partitioning only on ticket volume. We were both right and wrong and we are going to release a new pricing soon to address the issues. This blog post is our attempt to be open about these upcoming changes and discuss them with our community. Read on!

Unlimited logins is here to stay

We'll continue offering unlimited logins for every plan. There will be no per agent fees inhibiting you from involving your entire company in customer support.

Limits on Forwarding Addresses & Groups

Apart from ticket volume, we'll also start limiting plans based on number of email addresses that you are forwarding from (support@example.com, billing@example.com etc) and the number of groups that you are using.

We will be improving both these features to be a lot more powerful in the coming months. For example

  • You will soon be able to define an auto-responder per email address and not have to use a global one.
  • You will soon be able to define Group specific snippets to make groups more fully featured workspaces.
  • Several other improvements to the workflow and reporting (including the ability to compare reports easily).

If you are a young company (like ours), you will probably not need more than one email address and one group (we still don't use groups for SupportBee support). In our analysis, none of our early stage customers were even using these features. Only larger companies with more structure need these features and are happy to pay for them.

We have understood our costs better

After running some numbers and talking to several customers, we realized that we were under-charging for SupportBee. Given the reliability and uptime expected of them, enterprise level software services are expensive to run and maintain

More importantly, they are expensive to support. Some features bring in more support work than the others but in general providing high quality support is very critical to running an enterprise software that your business depends on (it's no co-incidence that web hosts like Rackspace that are known for their service are more expensive than the others). If you write to our support, you'll see me or one of our team member reply to your email. Everyone on our team reads through almost every thread and you are always getting answers from the people building the software. We want to keep it this way. We also want to keep re-investing heavily into the product without being under pressure to raise outside investment.

Pricing the software right will help us in providing you with great service for years to come and avoid the Gowalla situation. If you are curious about the health of the company, please see our first year's report card.

The new Pricing

Startup Small Large Enterprise
$29/mo $69/mo $149/mo $249/mo
500 Tickets/mo 2,000 Tickets/mo 5,000 Tickets/mo 10,000 Tickets/mo
1 Email 3 Emails 10 Emails 20 Emails
1 Group 3 Groups 10 Groups 20 Groups

Every plan gets access to unlimited snippets, labels and ofcourse unlimited users. The new pricing will go live on Monday, November 11th 2013.

Nothing changes for existing customers

If you are an existing customer, nothing changes for you. You will have access to unlimited email addresses and groups. If you have any questions, please write to us at support@supportbee.com or comment here.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new pricing. Finally, on behalf of our team, I would like to thank you for your business. We really appreciate your trust and we hope to keep delighting you for years to come.

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan