New features - Signature, spam, quoted replies and more

We are working with a few customers closely and prioritize feature release based on their input. This week has been good! A string of features added to SupportBee and here we go with the list.


You can now add a signature (in the settings screen) and it will be appended to your replies. We follow the standard signature convention so that Gmail and other clients can detect and style them.

Quoted Replies

We quote the last reply and let you reply inline now (you can also see your signature in the text box when you are replying).


Company Name As From

The emails now go as CompanyName <>. You can edit your company's name to CompanyName Support to have them go out as CompanyName Support <>.

Retaining CC Information In Customer Emails

You can now see the cc information in tickets/replies (if the original email had other people copied in to/cc fields).


You can now mark tickets as spam and they go off every screen. You can view these tickets in spam listing and mark them 'not spam' if you had accidentally marked them as spam.

Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram