Drafts - Save your replies for later

Remember that feeling when you composed a reply for a ticket, navigated to another screen and returned to your ticket, only to find your well crafted reply vanished/disappeared/gone... *poof* into thin air? Starting today, SupportBee will save your reply on a ticket as a draft. You can then return to it any time and continue from where you left off.

You can also discard drafts and start afresh. The Drafts listing can be accessed from the left sidebar. This listing will have two sections - one that will list all tickets that have drafts created or last edited by you and the second will list all tickets that have drafts that were created/last edited by other agents in your company.

If a ticket has a draft, a small 'draft' icon will show up in the ticket listings.

The draft will be automatically saved while you type the reply.

Please reload the app to start using the feature while you listen to this:


Divya Venugopal

Divya Venugopal