New Site and App Designs

August has been the month of new designs here at SupportBee. A couple of weeks back we released a new (marketing) site and this week we rolled out a new App Design. Let’s talk about them

New Marketing Site

Well to be honest, this is really the first full blown marketing site that we have pushed out. Our last site was a placeholder while we worked with our early customers on refining the product and defining the feature set.

Here is a screenshot of the home page.

Support Software - Simple Help Desk Software by SupportBee

The site also showcases some of our customers and talks about our philosophy.

New App Design

The is the first major redesign of the application. While preserving the simplicity of the last design, we have improved the colors, the white spacing and typography. Also, thanks to Twitter boostrap, this design is responsive and therefore works much better on smaller screen resolutions. We are still tweaking it for the iPad but it is already usable on the it. Here is a screenshot


Go check it out.

We would like to thank our friend Jon Myers for helping us with these designs.

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan