Multiple Project Support for JIRA App

In the past week we have really pushed hard, and we’re glad to announce that our JIRA App now supports multiple projects. You can now select a JIRA project while sending a support ticket to JIRA. In addition to this, you can now integrate with both JIRA OnDemand, and JIRA Self Hosted.


The integration has been significantly improved, and is more dynamic. Once you’re inside a ticket, just click on Apps > Send to JIRA, and you would see all your JIRA projects listed in a dropdown. You can also assign the JIRA issue right from SupportBee. Once you select a project, you will see the ‘Select User’ dropdown being populated with all the assignable Users. Also, you can select an Issue Type before you send the ticket off to JIRA.

If you are currently using the previous version of our JIRA app, you will automatically see the new version when you hit the ‘Send to JIRA’ button. No extra work needed. However, by any chance you encounter trouble, we recommend that you visit Admin > Apps and reconnect with JIRA.

We would love to hear from you on this update!

If you have any app requests or app enhancement requests, please feel free to add them as comments in this post. We are glad to prioritize based on your needs.

Pranav Singh

Pranav Singh