New Integration for Greater Organization: SupportBee + Moxtra!

So Many Apps, So Little Space

I often find myself wishing I had more screen space. Even with two monitors, it doesn’t take long into my day to fill up all the real estate with various apps, sites, and tools. No single platform can do everything, and there are so many tools out there. Some are necessary, some are very useful, and some are just really, really helpful (and honestly, some are just so much fun). With so many useful tools out there, your digital toolbox quickly gets full, and then goes from full to confusing. Clicking and switching tabs frequently means that at some point I have to sit and remember what I was doing, and what tab I left my train of thought on. Organization and prioritizing often represent the difference between simply starting a lot of things, and actually accomplishing things. When you are working with a large team, or a distributed team, or any team at all, maintaining that organization and communicating it simply is very important. Having everyone doing something is great, but it works best when everyone knows what everyone else is doing, and you’re all working toward the same goals.

SupportBee + Moxtra = Simplified Support

That is where an app like Moxtra can help. Compile your team’s projects, communication, and goals into neat, organized binders. Integrate Moxtra with your SupportBee account to include your customer support in that organizational structure. When a ticket is created in SupportBee, Moxtra will create a notification in your chosen binder with the ticket information. Collaborate and communicate with team members in real time using Moxtra and SupportBee, and the best part is that sharing information to update your tickets and binder is automated.

Receive notification of ticket activity, customer information and more through the integration of your SupportBee account with Moxtra, allowing your agents to quickly and easily collaborate on tickets with pertinent information available. Rather than switching from support mode to communication mode, then over to sales mode and metric tracking until your eyes glaze over from all the information pouring in, let that information be organized for you.

Organization = More Team Members Involved

With all this organization, it becomes easier to involve more members of your team. But what if you have to pay extra for all that collaboration? The good news is, that is exactly what makes this integration such a great option. Team involvement is great, and can make your support more powerful, but when you have to pay for every agent that participates, it can get expensive, cutting into the benefits of the collaboration. When integrated with SupportBee, you don’t have to worry about that. Paying by volume instead of per agent means that when you get excited about all this organization and collaboration, you can stay excited knowing it’s going to be affordable. SupportBee will create notifications within your Moxtra binders, adding customer requests as to do items, making information and support goals readily available to other agents to keep the entire support team involved, and the support system flowing smoothly.

So go ahead and bring the whole team onboard, integrating your SupportBee with Moxtra will keep your support simple, affordable, and organized!

At SupportBee, we like to keep things simple, and to do that, things have to be organized. So when we get the chance to integrate with an app like Moxtra, we get excited. Stay on top of your support, keep the team up to date and involved, and keep your customers happy. Try it today! Check out how Moxtra and SupportBee can help you at Let us know what you think in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter!

Jonathon Lumpkin

Jonathon Lumpkin