More Languages for the Widget, New Keyboard Shortcuts and Other Improvements

Dear Bee Lovers,

We are very excited to show you some new features that we have rolled out over the last couple of weeks.

Translation for Widget

Thanks to our customers' help, we have added some more languages for the contact support widget that you can choose from. To select the language of the widget, please go to Admin, then select Widget. If you can help us translate the widget into more languages, do send us a note.


Keyboard Shortcuts

At SupportBee, we have thought a lot about helping our customers manage and reply to tickets as fast as possible. Mastering keyboard shortcuts is one of the keys to getting stuff done quickly. You can now see a list of all keyboard shortcuts in the app by pressing ? key (or Shift + /). We also added new shortcuts for New Ticket (Shift + n) and moving focus to comments' box (c). You can always check out the entire list on the help page.


Hide/Show Copied Users

Before, if the original ticket or replies has other people copied in the email, you would see a long list of faces and names. No more! To show the copied users, just click on the link next to the replier's name. Click on it one more time to hide it. Simple as that!


Auto-disable Images

By default, SupportBee will hide images embedded in the tickets to protect your privacy. If you trust the sender, you can show the images by clicking on the icon on the right of the ticket's header.


Do let us know if you have any feedback on these updates. Remember to subscribe to our blog or follow us on twitter to get more future features updates.

Anh Do

Anh Do