How would you like to merge some tickets?

Today, we are taking a big step in the way we introduce new features to our customers. Instead of announcing a feature after it's polished and rolled out to everyone, we'll be telling you about upcoming features before we take them to the production line. You'll be able to try out the workflow with a click through mockup (linked further down) and send us your feedback before we start implementing it.

Let's get started!

What's the problem we're trying to solve?

Every week, we receive a bunch of support requests telling us that quite often clients don't end up replying to the same thread or reply from different emails to the same ticket. This breaks the ticket flow and separates out into two different tickets. Having two or more tickets from the same client about the same problem becomes cumbersome to maintain and keep track of. We have faced this problem as well and it is one worth solving.

What's our solution?

Let's consider a case where a thread has been split into two tickets. The simplest solution would be to club these two tickets together and have all the data into one single ticket. And that's exactly the solution we've come up with.

Introducing Merge Tickets

Scenario: A ticket is split into two tickets, TicketX and TicketY.

Solution: TicketX needs to merged into TicketY.

A ticket can be merged from it's screen view(TicketX in this case).

Merge Button

When the user clicks on Merge this ticket under More(dropdown) from TicketX, an overlay appears with other tickets from the same sender (user can pick a ticket to merge with). There's also an open ended search option, which can be used to find other tickets (not necessarily belonging to the same sender) to merge with.

Once the merge is done, the user will be redirected to the parent ticket (TicketY) with a link that gives merge information. Merge information includes details of the child ticket(TicketX).


Please go through the click-through mockups. These mockups explain how the feature will work once implemented.

Closing note

We're excited about this new feature and would love to know how you feel about it. Please send us your feedback and we'll try to incorporate it before we start work on this functionality!