June updates: Improvements in mobile app, snippets, and more

Creating new tickets from the mobile app

One crucial feature that was missing from the mobile apps is the ability to create new tickets from the interface on behalf of customers. Until now, this could only be done using the desktop version of the web app; now, both the iPhone and Android apps have this feature.

Apart from that, we fixed issues reported about Google login and the editor behavior after posting a reply/comment. We also added the ability to include code snippets in the reply editor in mobile apps.

Ability to add code snippets in the editor

You can now add code snippets in your replies to customers without worrying about the formatting. To paste code blocks, click on the ‘code block’ icon next to the ‘image uploader’ icon. This feature is available in mobile apps too.

Option to make the reply editor full screen

If you find the reply editor small or limiting when composing elaborate replies, you can now use the fullscreen option in SupportBee by clicking on the ‘fullscreen’ icon as shown below.

Searching through snippets with tags

Previously, snippets could only be searched based on content or title. Now, tags can be used for searching through snippets.

Ability to use special characters in labels

The app did not support the use of special characters in labels until now. Now, we support all special characters in label names.

Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram