Introducing Josue, our newest team member!

Some time ago, we introduced a new team member with a focus on customer support. We’ve been busy adding to the team since then, and this time our focus is on our product development and the back-end. We have a lot of big plans in the near future, and we wanted to introduce a new team member who will be helping to make these improvements.

Who is Josue?

Originally (and currently) from La Paz, Bolivia, Josue is a hobby astronomer and music lover, and also spends time studying spirituality and sharing the lessons learned with others. Originally planning to be a mathematician, Josue discovered Linux and a love for code and developing. Interacting with the open source community increased that passion and he has been fascinated by coding ever since.

How did he find SupportBee?

Josue first had exposure to remote work in college, seeing other people who worked remotely, and saw the benefits. At the time he was unable to pursue his desire to get into remote work, but earlier this year he started looking into the opportunities. After some time, he took the leap of quitting an office job and shortly thereafter found his way to and sent his resume to a few listings. He got a response from our CEO, Prateek, and began the interview process. He found the work environment and development process in our month long trial period a great experience, and it made him feel right at home. His past work in education, translation, manufacturing, marketing, and banking all come together to build a unique skillset that will fit perfectly in SupportBee’s development environment.

What will he be working on?

Josue will be working on behalf of our users to develop our product, in a behind-the-scenes role. His previous experience means that he has been able to jump right in and get started improving the product. He has already managed to roll out a new feature for us, in our Email after Archive feature, and we’re looking forward to many more features to come! He will be working in the coming months on continuing to increase familiarity and expertise in Ruby on Rails, and increasing his front-end development input. As with all of our team members, you’ll see his name occasionally in our support communication. As he works on new features and our UX, we’re really excited to benefit from his skillset!

So now you know a bit more about our team, and we’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or on Twitter. Be sure to check out Josue on Twitter, or on his Github profile, and check back in the near future as he continues to make improvements. Also, check out our page to see our other openings!

Jonathon Lumpkin

Jonathon Lumpkin