Manage Your Customer Relationships with Great Support - SupportBee + Insightly

Good customer support, and any type of quality customer contact is not simply about helping someone resolve an issue, or accomplish a task. It's about building another block in a customer relationship. Everytime someone contacts your team, whether it be for support, some sort of general inquiry, or interest in your product, your team has a chance to make a sale, generate goodwill through smooth product performance, or head off an issue before it escalates. Most importantly, however, you have the chance to further develop and strengthen a relationship with a customer (or potential customer).

Why do I need a CRM?

As these contacts and conversations occur, it quickly becomes very important to track them, and increasingly difficult to keep track of them withou some help. The good news is, there is help available, in the form of tools like Insightly. Insightly's CRM tools help you track your customer relationships, keeping tabs on organizations or specific people within the organizations, and your contact with them. Track and plan your relationships with customers with to-do items and see exactly how much value each relationship has added to your company.

What does this have to do with SupportBee?

Great question! Let's say that Steve Customer goes to your site wondering if your product will work for his needs. Using SupportBee, your team is able to quickly answer his questions, and it's looking promising for a sale. Well, at this point Zoe from Sales needs to get involved, and wants to track her contacts and relationship development with Steve Customer. What you need is a way to get that contact and information (along with relevant future contacts) into a tracking system for Zoe. Using SupportBee and Insightly integration, you can quickly and easily send tickets and information from SupportBee contacts to Insightly to be tracked and added to customer and organization information. What about in the cases of support requests? Send the request to Insightly so your sales team can be kept in the loop for any additional developments in the customer relationship, and to give you a quick overview of the investment in a customer and the value the customer adds.

How do they work together?

SupportBee and Insightly integrate very simply. When a ticket comes into SupportBee, we first check to see if they have an Insightly entry already. If not, we create a contact for you. You can then select to send a ticket to Insightly as a project task and assign a responsible user.

We'll create a task in Insightly for you, and add a reminder to your SupportBee ticket with a link to the task! By default, the ticket information is included in the task description, so regardless of which page you are looking at, your information is always easily accessible!

We're working with Insightly to bring even greater collaboration in the future, and we're excited to see the possibilities for our customers!

For more information, see Already use Insightly with SupportBee? Let us know how it helps you keep track of customer relationships, or let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter!

Jonathon Lumpkin

Jonathon Lumpkin