Inline Attachment Support and Improved Notifications for Unassigned Tickets

A couple of interesting features this week

Inline Attachment Support

Up until recently, we could not display attachments embedded in the email (for example images in email signatures). We could handle downloadable attachments. This changed recently. We can now show you inline images in tickets or replies. You will also see them in nofication emails. Let's take a look at an example

Inline Attachment Hopefully Final - - Support Bee Mail

Improved Unassigned Ticket Notifications

If you have notifications enabled for 'New Unassigned Tickets', you will no longer have to guess if the ticket has been replied to by someone in your team. We will send you a notification for the first agent reply. We make sure that the nofication threads with the original one to reduce clutter in your inbox. Think of this as the 'Also Viewing' feature right in your Inbox.

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan