February Updates: Printing Tickets, Add Comments via Email & Other Improvements

It's been a full last week of work for us, but we still made time to listen closely. Here at SupportBee we consider it our duty to listen and pick the features we release based on how much value they'll bring to the majority of our users. And after a few weeks of hard work in SupportBee's secret laboratory we're proud to present our newest feature additions.

Printing Tickets

Although here at SupportBee every piece of information travels virtually, some of our users still needed a way to get their hands on their customers queries, literally. Because in many companies the need for paper filing and physical reports is still alive and well. Some processes take years to overwrite and we're here to help and support our customers in every way we can.

The ability to print tickets directly from within the SupportBee's interface has been one of the most requested features in the last couple of months. Today I'm excited to be the one to present you the brand new "Print Ticket" button. From now on you'll be able to get your hands on a printer-friendly version of any one of your tickets inside your SupportBee account.

You can thank our friend Nisanth for this.

"How does it work?"

To print a ticket simply follow the instructions bellow:

  • Open the specific ticket you want to print.
  • Click the More button in the upper right corner of the ticket.
  • Select the Print Ticket option.

"I can't find the Print Button. What's that about?"

In that case just reload your SupportBee desk and you're all set.

Reply and Issue Commands via Email

As you already know SupportBee is built to help you do away with impersonal interactions. In other words your entire support desk system is just a friendly email exchange for your customer. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some extra (and I might add, awesome) functionality directly in your email client. I'll tell you more about that in a second.

If you're using SupportBee for more than two weeks now, then you're probably familiar with the image bellow:

That used to be our old email issue command line. It served its purpose, it delivered the information required, no doubt. But it can be so much more. And that's why we decided to take it up a notch and give it some cool new features.

Let's start off with the information presented within. Let's take a look at each scenario and see what the difference is and what you can, and should do when each of these arrive in your inbox.

Unassigned Ticket

As you can see the first entry defines what the email actually announces. What the notification is actually for. "Unassigned Ticket" means there's a new customer ticket listed in the feed, without a specific agent assigned to resolve it. In that case you can choose to take care of it, or assign someone from your team to do it.

Agent Reply

If it says "Agent Reply", that means an agent has replied to that customer ticket. The email announces that particular reply.

Customer Reply

The "Customer Reply" tag means the customer has replied to that ticket. It usually consists of an answer to a question posted by an agent, an update for the issue or the acknowledgement of a certain situation. Most of the time it's just a thank you, because you're so awesome at what you do.

Reply to email customer

This is the second entry on our little issue command line of awesomeness. And it means exactly what it reads. If you want to respond to the customer directly from your email client, you just have to write a normal email reply.

View on SupportBee

By clicking on the "View on SupportBee" link you'll be redirected to that particular ticket's URL. You will now have the opportunity to view, resolve or assign that ticket within the SupportBee interface.

Add a Comment via Email

This new shiny link has the cool capability that lets you comment on a ticket directly within your email client. You don't even have to log into your SupportBee account. Pressing the "Add a Comment via Email" opens a new Compose Email window that allows you to write your comment. This is the great work of our colleague Josue.

"What about comment email notifications?"

I'm glad you asked. Every new comment you should read will trigger an email notification. To respond to the comment all you need to do is reply to the email message. Also, the subject line has the following format: "New Comment: [Ticket Subject Line]", so you know which ticket the comment is referring to. And the in-email notification will read as follows:

Reply to Customer via Email

Within any comment email notification you'll have the option to reply to the ticket directly from your email client. When you press "Reply to Customer via Email" a new Compose Email window will open; write your reply with the solution there and you're done.

You can always read more about commenting on a ticket here.

I hope you're excited about these new features as we are. Give them a try and shoot us a message with your feedback. It's always appreciated and well received. When you ask, we listen. Carefully. So feel free to ask away because every bit of feedback helps us make the your entire experience with SupportBee better. You can reach us at support@supportbee.com or on Twitter.