Email Support - The most challenging but the most rewarding

Customer Support today might have grown beyond emails to channels like Twitter and Facebook. But as a company, if there is one channel that you can leverage to establish trust and connection with your user, it is undoubtedly the email.

The simple reason why emails work is that they are personal and extremely convenient for your customers. Customers are not forced to learn your system or scour the web for your Twitter id and Facebook page to get their needs resolved. Although, they will do it sometimes to cry hoarse over your lack of support. And of-course, since emails are not public facing customers don't have to feel stupid about the basic questions they have about your service.

But as a business, maintaining the quality of email support can get challenging after a point. Since it is the easiest way for a customer to get in touch with you, the volume in this channel is bound to grow as the business grows. And with every mail that you answer, the likelihood of that customer emailing you again is very high.

However, I would argue that more customers pounding on you is a sweet problem to have! But you have to be careful about how you solve that. Instead of discouraging customers from mailing you by hiding the contact form or slapping your Please make sure you read our faq before you talk to us line on them, you should find a way to manage those emails more efficiently.

At SupportBee we help you with exactly that. And just that in our first version: Managing customer emails efficiently. Supportbee 1.0 monikered Achmed (considering its bare-bone nature) was released for internal use a few weeks back and it s been a good ride. We are excited about launching it publicly sometime soon

Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram