Email Customers after Archive and More!

Another busy week here at SupportBee! After lots of hard work from our newest team member Josue, we’re excited to introduce a new feature for our users, and this week we have 2 features in one release!

Auto-Reply after Archive

When a ticket is resolved archive the ticket. If a customer replies to an archived ticket, the ticket will automatically be reopened without any input on your part. One thing that has been missing in the past is the ability to notify customers (apart from doing it manually), when a ticket has been archived. You’ve had the ability for a while to set up an auto-responder for new tickets, and now we’re adding the ability to send out a personalized message when you archive a ticket. It can be important to let a client know that a ticket is being marked as resolved, in case they have any additional questions, or even just to let them know that your team sticks with their tickets and keeps track of them from opening to resolution. This would also be a great opportunity to send out a survey link to your customers, and get feedback on how you did!

To setup your message for archived tickets, click ‘Admin’, then select ‘Email’. Select the address you want to modify, then select ‘Setup Email after Archive’. Set the message you’d like to appear, and check the box for ‘Send an email to the customer when a ticket is archived’.

Note that your notification will only trigger on tickets with at least one reply. So if no action has been taken on a ticket, the auto-response will not send.

Images in Auto-Responses and Emails after Archive

In conjunction with the option to reply after archiving, we are also adding the option to include images with your auto-responses. Images are great tools, and anytime you can include them adds strength to your support. You can now include images with auto-responses after new tickets, as well as notifications for archived emails.

We excited about the new options, and we hope you are as well. For information about these features, see our support documentation here. Special thanks again to Josue for his work on these features, check him out here. Check out these new options, and let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

Jonathon Lumpkin

Jonathon Lumpkin