Edit Feature for Filters

We added the ability to edit Filters. Supportbee's filter feature is comparable to Gmail’s filters. Filters allows you to automate common tasks.

You can use a filter to automatically assign a customer to an agent or group based on the email address. For example,"Richard.Branson@virgin.com" emails would be labeled "VIP" and assigned to the "VIP_Group". Another common usage would be to assign labels based on either subject content or body content. For example, a customer wants to stop their subscription and has the word "cancel" in the subject, you could use the "Subject with keywords:" filter to detect the word "cancel" and automatically label this ticket "High Priority" and assign it to the "Retention" group.

Other possible actions that can be taken are "Mark the ticket as Spam", "Trash it", or "Archive the ticket". For more information please read our working with filters documentation.