Easily manage tickets using Filters

Do you have large ticket volumes and predefined rules for dealing with some of those tickets automatically? Your life just got simpler. Say hello to Filters. Much like Gmail's filters, filters in SupportBee allow you perform certain tasks (like adding a label/assigning to a user etc) on an new ticket if certain pre-defined conditions are met. For example, you may want to assign a ticket coming to [email protected] to 'Support Group' or you may want to add the label 'urgent' to tickets with 'downtime' in the subject.

To create a filter, go to Admin > Filters > Add New Filter. You can specify any (or all) four conditions and click 'Preview Matches' to see what tickets match.

SupportBee Once you are happy with the conditions, you can click 'Next' and check the actions that you want to be performed on matching tickets after they are imported SupportBee

You can check multiple options. The only restriction is that you only check 'Assign to User' or 'Assign to Group'.

We hope you find Filters useful and fun to use!

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan