The Basecamp App Now Supports Multiple Projects

If you are a Basecamp user, we have some great news for you! Until recently, you could configure the New Basecamp App to send your support tickets to a specific project. In a recent update, we added support for selecting a project before sending a ticket to Basecamp.

Once you have added the app, to send a ticket to Basecamp, click on Apps > Send to Basecamp. The screen will show you a list of all your Basecamp projects and you can select the one that you want to send this ticket to. You can send the ticket as a Message, a new To-do list or as a to-do item in an existing to-do list. What's more, if you are sending the ticket as a to-do item, you can also assign it to a Basecamp user before you hit the send button!


If you added the app in the past, you will have to re-authorize the app once. You can do so by visiting Admin > Apps. Find the New Basecamp App and click edit. On the next screen, click on the Reconnect link.

We'll soon be improving the Github Issues App and the Trello App to add multiple project support. If you have any feedback on this update or if you would like to see your favorite app added to SupportBee, please do write to us.

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan