Avinash joins the Supportbee Dev team!

Hiring is predictably tough in a start-up. And we have not been an exception in that regard. The one truth that we have realized over the last few years is that if you have to sell the idea of working in a start-up too hard to a candidate he/she is probably going to be a wrong hire. In a start-up, atleast when it comes to the first few employees one cannot afford to hire anybody who partially fits or mostly fits . The fact of the matter is an employee either fits or doens t fit. If he/she doesn't you will lose more than you will gain.

Being a Tech driven company we are always on the look out for smart techies who can join our team. we are extremely pleased to have met Avinash just when he was moving away from his previous commitment and convincing him to join us. Just to ensure that everybody is comfortable about the decision, we decided to try out this association for a week after which both parties will have the option to either continue or pull out. It was a great one week and only natural that we decided to stick together.

It s just been a week and few days and we are still getting to know each other. Here's a short interview that we had with Avinash recently about himself and the move!


Nithya: Where did you hear about us? Avinash: I landed on Prateek s post on Test Driven Development when I was googling for resources on TDD and BDD. That s my first introduction.

Nithya : What was your line of thinking when we pitched the idea of you working with us? Avinash: I believe that one can pull of anything with a good team. I had been looking for a team to work with from the time I started as a Entrepreneur. I really liked you guys for the importance you give to development in the process of building a company. Also, I am always on the side of people who believe in 37Signals.

Nithya: How has it been so far? Avinash: Its been amazing. Lots of challenges to tackle from the development point of view. Looking forward for the business challenges once I completely get myself settled in the company.

Nithya: What are your interests other than tech? Avinash: My interests lie in reading a lot of books ( mostly fiction ) and maybe someday write a fantasy novel. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and you can guess my favorite author. Other currently "trending" interests are gamification, game designing, volunteering / conducting tech events.

Btw, we are always open to hiring smart people and since we are apple aficionados all new hires get a MacBook Pro as a work laptop. Do contact me at nithya@supportbee.com if the idea of working with us excites you!

Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram