Launching the Audit Trail feature for support tickets

We recently launched the Audit Trail feature for support tickets. This feature helps in keeping all actions on a ticket accountable by documenting the action taken, time, and the name of the person who took that action. This feature was available as an internal workflow app. However, it is now available as a core feature with some added capabilities.

Actions that are documented include Archive, Unarchive, Spam, Unspam, Trash, Untrash, Assign, and Unassign. Information on auto-response delivery, delivery of email from the email-after-archive app, and failure of mail delivery to recipients is also included in this feature now. Unlike the app, the Audit Trial feature’s timestamps now respect your timezone and are no longer displayed in UTC.

Since this feature offers everything that the app offers and more, you can safely uninstall the app (incase you have it installed) by following the steps below.

  1. Visit Admin -> Apps

  2. Click on the ‘Delete’ option in Audit Trail

Thanks to our developer Josue Montano for launching this feature successfully.

Here’s a screenshot of the feature in action:

Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram