Assign Teamwork tasks from within SupportBee

A while back we had implemented a Teamwork integration with SupportBee. As more users started using this app on SupportBee to create more task lists or tasks within specific lists, all pertaining to a specific Teamwork project, we were able to better understand what worked for them and what additional features they'd consider handy.

Screenshot of Teamwork App

With the earlier integration although users could create tasks from within SupportBee they would have to assign tasks to a specific person in the project by logging into their respective Teamwork accounts. This was an overhead for SupportBee users and that’s where they wanted us to see if we could add the assign to feature from within SupportBee.

Acting on this feedback, today we’re happy to say that you can assign a task to a specific person on Teamwork from within SupportBee. We value the time of our users and we’re looking forward to having more users make the best of this feature.

If you are looking to integrate SupportBee with some of the other functions in your company, check out the complete list of apps in our App listing. Also, feel free to drop us a mail at if you have any queries about this feature or about SupportBee in general.

Mohnish G Jadwani

Mohnish G Jadwani