Archived Tickets Out Of The Way!

SupportBee has two simple ticket states - Unanswered and Answered. They help you keep track of tickets when you are conversing back and forth with the customer (sometimes over days or even weeks). Once a ticket is considered done (or closed or resolved, depending on what you like to term that state!), you can Archive the ticket and it's taken out of your sight. This works great for agents who want to focus only on tickets that haven't been archived yet.

However, if your day to day job involves managing the desk and making sure that everything is being replied to, you do care about the archived tickets. You want to make sure that nothing has been archived without resolving the customer issue. At the same time you also want to follow up on active tickets. This is where the 'All Tickets' screen comes in. Until today, this screen showed all the tickets - archived tickets mixed with unanswered and answered. You could filter the list to see only unanswered/answered/archived tickets but this wasn't ideal. While seeing a list of all archived tickets was easy (you just had to select Archived from the filter's dropdown), there wasn't an easy way to see a list of unanswered and answered tickets together. You had to consult two lists to see what's being actively worked on.

To make it easier to manage and monitor the desk, we have now removed archived tickets from the All Tickets screen and moved them to their own screen.

Archived Screen

This change makes it very easy to manage your desk. For example,

  • By default, the All Tickets screen now shows all the conversations that are currently active. You can still filter them and choose to see only unanswered or answered tickets.
  • You can bulk Archive tickets in the All Tickets screen. This makes it very easy to review and close tickets across different agents and groups.
  • All the Archived Tickets can now be viewed in one list. If some tickets need to be unarchived and worked on again, you can now bulk Unarchive them.

We have also styled the archived tickets differently so that you can quickly spot when looking at a listing that has them mixed in with unanswered and answered tickets (for example when you search or view a list of tickets with a particular label).

To make it easier to spot the archived tickets and to remind you that these tickets are no longer active,

Over the next few weeks we are going to roll out some more changes that should make managing tickets easier. If you have any feedback at all on this change or the current workflow in SupportBee, please do write to us.

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan