API Updates, Edit Requester Email and Other Updates

Hope you are having a great new year. In our first blog post this year, we have some new features and API updates

Edit Requester Email

If you get a new ticket with an incorrect email address (for example typo like gmial.com), you can now edit it. Just hover on the email address, click it and save it inline. Screenshot below

New Apps

We now have a Highrise App that syncs tickets and customer information between Highrise and SupportBee, a BulkSMS App to send text notifications to your phone for new replies/comments and an Assign After Reply App which, well assigns a ticket to the agent that just replied to it. We are constantly adding new apps and if you have any ideas, email us.

API Updates

We have a bunch of API updates this time

  • A new API endpoint for programatically creating new agents/admin.
  • Copy people when creating tickets via the API
  • List of users now returns invited (but not activated) users if you pass a with_invited parameter.

Checkout the API documentation to learn more. Thanks to our customer Radiopaedia for some of these ideas. Let us know if you have any feedback/comments on these updates or ideas for new ones.

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan