The Hackday Report!

On November 9th 2013, we participated in our very first hackday as an API provider. Here is the report!

Organized by Microsoft Ventures for some of it's portfolio companies, #mvhackday was a one day event full of awesomeness. Apart from SupportBee Cloudinfra, Frrole, Native5, Nanobi and NowFloats participated with their APIs.

But first, some pictures!

A total of 17 teams hacked on these six APIs through the day. Here are the hacks built using the SupportBee API

Php & Javascript Wrappers for the SupportBee API

Rahul wrote an API Wrapper in Php and Divya worked on a Javascript API Wrapper. If you are starting a project in Php or Javascript, please try out these wrappers and extend them instead of starting a new one.

Email After Archive App

Often times, you want to send customers a survey link or a thank you email after their ticket has been archived. You can now do it thanks to the new Email After Archive App written by Rajat. Like all our other apps, this app's code is available on Github. Built on top of our hosted platform, the app was written and deployed in about four hours.

A Python API Wrapper

This hack (and the demo) got the most attention from the judges as well as the other participants. Apart from writing a very comprehensive wrapper (check it out on Github), Sivaa also created a very cool demo of the wrapper that performs several tasks using the API one after the other on a live SupportBee account. To pack a punch In their demo the team kept their SupportBee open in a browser window as the script ran, showing off the updates in real time. I recorded the demo using my old iPhone so the quality is not great but it's still worth checking out. Skip to 1:35 for the demo

Fixivick and a few other teams used the SupportBee API to create tickets as part of their workflow.

The event ended with five teams winning Nokia Lumia phones and other goodies. Three out of the five winning teams used SupportBee API.

Here are some tweets from the event

I would like to thank Microsoft Ventures for organizing such a kick-ass event and taking care of everything from registrations to great food and drinks all through the day. Special thanks to Hasgeek (also one of our customers) for their Hacknight platform and finally, thanks to everyone for coming down and hacking on our API. We hope to see you again soon :)

Hana Mohan

Hana Mohan