Why Software Advice chooses SupportBee as their favorite helpdesk

When we set out to build SupportBee we were clear on 2 objectives - Building a simple, clean email like interface and designing an easily customizable product that will remain light inspite of feature additions.

It is a great pleasure to know that Software Advice - a company that helps people choose the right software for their organizations - recognized us for all the right reasons. According to their managing editor Jay Ivey, they were looking for designs with intuitive, unobtrusive navigation systems; smart layouts that arrange information by importance and make good use of whitespace; clear, aesthetically pleasing reports; and ticket queues that communicated a high-density of information while remaining easy to scan through quickly.

SupportBee made it to their list because we combine all the above mentioned elements to deliver a snappy experience and an effective workflow.

SupportBee Interface

Says Jay, “We selected SupportBee as one of our favorite interfaces for several reasons, but we were particularly impressed with the clean, minimalistic design implementation of elements such as colorful custom labels and bolded subject lines that recall the UIs of popular email clients. Combined with the generous use of whitespace and the lack of extraneous navigation options, they make SupportBee especially easy to pick up for new users--even those who aren’t familiar with help desk software”

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Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram