SupportBee in the API Hackathon held by Microsoft Ventures

The API Hackathon held on the 4th of July by Microsoft ventures saw close to 100 developers working on 6 different APIs. SupportBee API was one of them.


SupportBee API - What is the appeal?

In a Hackathon, it is always a challenge for companies to grab developer attention. To overcome the challenge and to present a convincing pitch, we asked ourselves this question - Why should a developer spend any time or energy on SupportBee API?

And our answer is always the same. SupportBee is worth your while for 3 reasons:

  • It simply works
  • Apps will be used by our enterprise customers
  • We offer a no-overhead app platform

It simply works

As basic as it may sound, one of the biggest problems developers face when building applications on third party APIs is poor documentation and broken APIs.This has a huge role to play in developer frustration.

With SupportBee the ride is smooth. Our API is REST based and it is well documented. There is a good reason why SupportBee API works wihtout any hassle. It is because our own product development is through our API. Our API is not an after thought effort to leverage developer time; it is not an artificial layer slapped over an existing product just to grab some developer mindspace. It is a well thought out effort to make development easy and fun for all of us.

Joy in app usage

Is the joy of building an app complete without usage? Absolutely not.

SupportBee has several enterprise customers who will be thrilled to integrate an app that can add any value to their existing workflow. SupportBee is a product used day after day by hundreds of customers. There is real joy in adding value to their everyday drill with apps.

Ease of Hosting apps. No overheads!

SupportBee has a fully hosted App platform which makes it very easy for developers to host their apps with us for free! The ultimate developer satisfaction is in seeing the app live and we go every step of the way to make it easy. We take care of all the plumbing while you have fun building something useful.

SupportBee Apps from the Hackathon

We have the following apps from teams that worked on the SupportBee API

  • An integration with Vibeapp for displaying customer information as private comments in email threads - By Rahul Thaker

  • An app to send crash reports to SupportBee by using Xamarin - By Pooran and team

  • Automatic assignment of a new ticket to a relevant agent after ticket history analysis and sentiment analysis - By Saurabh Saxena, Shriraj Bhardwaj, Ravi Sethia and Akshat.

We look forward to having awesome developer and API conversations with these teams over a lunch at SupportBee office one of these coming weekends.

All supporters, friends and fans of SupportBee are welcome to collect Tees and stickers from our office anytime during the office hours!

Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram