SupportBee integrates with Teamwork now

Teamwork is a simple and powerful software that helps companies with their project management. You can go through their complete set of features here. This integration was a request from one of SupportBee’s customers using Teamwork for project management.

Create tasks in Teamwork from SupportBee

In Teamwork, projects are managed as task-lists and tasks within such task-lists. Companies can create multiple projects and multiple task-lists under those projects. The idea of the integration is to help support agents create tasks in Teamwork directly from SupportBee.

Often times bug reports or feature requests that come from customers are manually updated in Bug tracking softwares or project management tools. With this integration, such requests can be directly sent from the support software (SupportBee) to Teamwork as tasks, in just a few clicks.

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1

Choose a customer mail and click on Apps.

Choose ticket

Step 2

Click on ‘Send to Teamwork’. The fields are automatically populated with relevant information. We fill in the description of the task list/task with the contents of the email and also add a link to the SupportBee ticket so your team can follow-up once the task is completed.

Posting to Teamwork

A link to the Teamwork item is also posted on the ticket as a comment for future reference. These comments can be viewed only by the support agents and not by your customers.

The Teamwork task dashboard

Here is the screenshot of the posted task in Teamwork

Task in Teamwork

You can learn about how you can set up this integration here.

The efficacy of a support tool much depends on how it integrates with the rest of the tools in a company’s internal process. SupportBee’s app platform was released to make sure such integrations become easy. The platform makes it so easy that it took us less than an hour to build the Teamwork integration from scratch.

If you looking to integrate SupportBee with some of the other functions in your company, check out the complete list of app options in our App listing.

Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram