December updates: Better Formcrafts integration and more

Ability to customize the forwarding address in Formcrafts integration

If you have set up the Formcrafts integration for your SupportBee account, you will notice that all tickets that come in from Formcrafts are forwarded by default to the test address given for SupportBee accounts. This can be a little inconvenient because we do not offer a way to customize the auto responses or after-archive emails for this address in the account interface.

Now, you have the ability to set up a forwarding address of your choice in your integration instead of using the test email address by default.

Here are the steps to add a custom forwarding address in Formcrafts:

  • After setting up a form, create a custom text field. Remove the text of this field so it appears empty on the form. Give it a label, say “FW”. Now, enter the forwarding email address as the ‘value’ of this field.

  • Map the FW field to Forwarding Email (as seen in this screenshot)

Ability to add attachments in snippets

Until recently, you could only add inline images in snippets. With the latest update, you can add attachments to snippets. This comes in handy when handling tickets where one needs to send forms or PDF documents.

Ability to add new customers under ‘Customers’

The ‘Customer management’ feature is a work in progress. At the moment, any customer who emails your desk is automatically added under ‘Customers’. We have also introduced a feature where you can manually add a new customer to the list. Having your customers under this list will help in autocompleting their email addresses when you add them while creating new tickets or when you CC/BCC them in your replies.

In the future, we will add the option to import customer names and email addresses from a CSV file.

Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram