Building the SupportBee library

Continuous learning is a sine-qua-non in the technology domain. However, the fast-paced work environment for delivery and release, along with the dynamic nature of 'relevant knowledge', has led to a method of learning that is quite fragmented and perforce need based. Most programmers fill their knowledge gaps with Stack overflow and blog posts. Though the skill to get things done with minimum ramp-up time for learning holds its relevance in a startup environment, at SupportBee we believe in supplementing our knowledge base with traditional methods of learning. We encourage employees to pursue, in parallel to piecemeal learning, a structured method aided by books and online courses.

Supportbee Library

The SupportBee library is an effort to encourage and establish the culture where learning is not just to complete the task at hand but to understand the nuts and bolts of whatever subject one is dealing with. Though we all own an e-reader, the idea of buying hard copies is just so we do not end up being too subtle in communicating the need for continuous structured retraining.

Below is the list we are starting with. We recommend ' Your brain at work ', ' The design of everyday things ’ and ‘ Clean Code ’ as compulsory reading for new joinees. We would love to add more to the list based on recommendations. Please feel free to make suggestions.

The current list

Personal improvement
Nithya Rajaram

Nithya Rajaram